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                                "For All Garden Plants and Soils"

    Compost Tea, Ancient Humate, Sea Kelp,
Mycorrhizae, & Worm Castings 

organic gardening products

NATURE'S SOLUTION gardening products are now available as a complete growing system for all types of plants for your home and garden -- roses, tomato plants, orchid, vegetable garden, shrubs, tropical plants, trees, and vines. These organic gardening products are available for home and garden plants and agricultural plants.

These gardening products can be used on your plants individually by themselves as a stand-alone garden product or you can use all five organic gardening products together in your home and garden for a whole organic gardening program. When all of the organic gardening products are used together on your plants they enhance the overall performance of each individual fertilizer, nutrient, or soil amendment for all of your garden plants -- flowers, lawn, trees, vegetables, shrubs, and indoor and outdoor container plants.

Sustainable gardening involves much more than just switching from chemical fertilizers to sustainable gardening products.  The "switch" involves implementing a whole new preventative approach to gardening.
 To grow sustainably involves replicating Mother Nature, using the same methods and approaches that have been used for eons of time. Our products have incorporated this approach into the development of our fertilizers and soil amendments.

Nature's Solution Gardening Products are for the retail and wholesale market and available at our online store ( on this website or through Hydrofarm (800) 634-9990 and Amazon Distributors.